To the Birds

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To The Birds, was conceived in 2002 during a tremulous period in my life. The illustrations gave a sense of escape into the humorous portrayal of how I perceived the events cycling my life. Later the works evolved into the depiction of the eccentric personalities of family and friends. To The Birds had morphed to a surreal reality on a two dimensional surface. Allowing the viewer to question what could have lead the artist to represent someone such way. However those portrayed have enjoyed the overall depiction.

The title To The Birds is composed as an acronym to suggest a profanatory saying. In addition the phrase is enhanced by the added title to the piece. For example, To The Birds, Oh Banana Split! Can be interpreted by the audience differently. Overall, humor is the compass to the illustrations.

Cynthia Simpson is a graduate of CUNY Brooklyn College, where she earned a MFA in Drawing and completed her undergraduate degree at Maryland Institute College of Art in Fine Arts with a concentration in Printmaking.
Simpson resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Currently a faculty member in the Art/
Art History Department at Broward College.

October Life Drawing @ Lauderhill Arts Center



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Need reference for that piece that you are working on?

Want to take your draftsmanship to another level?

Want to challenge yourself or explore a new avenue for your art?

Meet other artists that share the same interests!

Open Session with Live Model

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Worship the Brand at Lauderhill Arts Center

Lauderhill Arts Center is hosting a launch event of a new online artist community called Worship the Brand.

Artists in the Tri-County area are invited to the Lauderhill Arts Center to hear more about this exciting opportunity for artists!

The meeting is September 14, 2014 at 2pm. Here is the link to the LAC Facebook event.

Read more about Worship the Brand below.

A NEW ONLINE ARTIST COMMUNITY from Hillary Carlip & Maxine Lapiduss for brand-inspired art, crafts, and fan art.

Sculpture Paintings Crafts Street Art Illustrations Collages Comics Body Art
Fashion Mixed Media Graphic Design Drawings Photography Installations Fan Art

What’s so great about WORSHIP THE BRAND?

• Artists in this niche genre will get major online exposure for their work.

• Through a partnership with Creative Capital (the most prestigious non-profit arts organization in the country that supports artists through funding, counsel, and career development services), visitors to the site will have access to invaluable business tips and advice from Creative Capital’s Professional Development Program and top industry pros on how to get their work seen and sold.

WORSHIP THE BRAND is currently running an “UPLOAD CHALLENGE” for artists and crafters at all skill levels to upload their brand-inspired art, crafts, or fan art to the Worship the Brand Gallery where they’ll be eligible to win $500! Winner will be selected at random and announced on Sept. 17th, 2014.

“We are obsessed with brands as art. To us, turning the every day into something extraordinary is an incredible creative exercise,” says award-winning author and artist Hillary Carlip, who conceived of WORSHIP THE BRAND when her work was included in a museum show traveling to five cities in 2013/2014.
Carlip shared her idea of a website devoted to brand-inspired work and fan art with Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe winner Maxine Lapiduss, a branding consultant and creative strategist who works with a variety of brands, media companies, and artists. Together they’ve created a community that supports and encourages artists and crafters — and not just by providing a place for them to share and showcase their brand art, but also by offering frequent opportunities to WIN CASH to help support themselves as artists. Upcoming contest prizes will be $2,500.
“We wanted to be able to give actual money away,” says Lapiduss, “because finding ways to make a living from art most often takes more work than creating the art to begin with.” To make that possible, they contacted several companies, and Sweet’N Low was first to jump at the chance to support artists by generously providing prize money for upcoming contests on the site.

WORSHIP THE BRAND is part of a much larger, groundbreaking transmedia, “CLICK LIT” project called FIND ME I’M YOURS that Carlip and Lapiduss are launching on November 3, 2014.

Art Changes Space and Changes Lives

Carolyn Guniss visited the Lauderhill Arts Center at the end of June. She met with many of the artists and wrote an article about the center and what it has done for the community, for the South Florida Times.

The article was published today both in print and online at copies can be picked up at: Publix, Winn Dixie, Walmart, CVS/pharmacy, Walgreens, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, RaceTrac, Hess, and 7-11.

Life Drawing at Lauderhill Arts Center

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Need reference for that piece that you are working on?

Want to take your draftsmanship to another level?

Want to challenge yourself or explore a new avenue for your art?

Meet other artists that share the same interests!

Open Session with Nude Model

Thursday, July 17, 2014 7-10pm

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Eventbrite - Life Drawing @ Lauderhill Arts Center

Advance tickets are only $10.
You can pay at the door. It’s only $12. Cash and Credit accepted at the door.

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